Hello new blog!

Published August 2, 2012 by Tabby

A new road ahead.

I’ve decided to start a new blog and work really hard to keep it updated with my latest odd observations. I’m in a different place in my life and as a student, editor, and professor (with a social life still!) I have new perspectives to ponder.

For the first post I will just add what I wrote a while ago to explain why anything introspective I write is important. And not just what I write, but others as well. Everyone has a message.

“So I am not famous. I’ve never done drugs, been an alcoholic, or even killed anyone. To the general public, that makes me unworthy of telling my story. My story is now somehow less important than if I had wasted the majority of my life. Regardless of my less-than-rockstar status, my life still has meaning and a message that other people could learn from. It could even help someone.
In history people study only those famous extraordinary people, like presidents, kings, or robber baron villains. Outside of these famous or infamous characters, it seems that common people did not exist. And if it is mentioned that they existed, they didn’t really live. But the live. And so do I.”


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